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Doninn Audio Editor

The full-featured audio editor for editing and analyzing audio files

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2D Games

Trash Tower

Build the highest tower you can from the things you find on a scrapheap

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2D Games

Words Constructor

Intellectual game in which you have to make a word from the letters on the field

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We have published our games on Yandex.Store!

words-constructor-iconThe Yandex.Store users will be able to install Doninn games, including Words Constructor and Trash Tower from their favourite store.

Words Constructor is already available on Yandex.Store, and Trash Tower will be there in a couple of days.


Trash Tower Release


Trash Tower” is available on Google Play! 

Trash Tower” - is a fun arcade game in which you have to build towers from all that you can find in a scrapheap, overcoming various obstacles. Use special tools and more blocks to build the highest tower!

You can watch the game trailer and find more information on the Trash Tower”  page.


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Who we are

We are the IT company consisting of people inspired by modern technology. We create projects to make the world a brighter, more fun and more convenient. Our projects are not only entertaining and educational in nature, but also solve the problem of people interact with computerized systems.

On our site you will find all the information about our projects and products.

Our aims

Our aim is the development of business in the IT industry by developing and launching in international markets own software and hardware products.

At the moment, the priority areas of the company are development of mobile games and apps, web design and development of web applications, and also own developments in the domain of portable electronics and equipment.


We try to use the most modern approaches and technologies in the design and development of our products. We used Unity® as the base game engine.

In most cases, our projects in electronics based on microcontrollers/ microprocessors ARM® architecture of different lines, under control of a real-time operating systems or OS Linux.