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Finger Twist


Finger Twist is an adapted mobile version of the popular game Twister.  There are two modes: Classic and Tap on speed.


1. Finger Twist. Classic game.

The classic game is practically identical to the rules of the Twister game.

You can choose the number of players (maximum of 3 players), set their names, and choose the number of touches. The difficulty of the game increases with the number of touches. 

At each step, the player is offered to press and hold the circle of a given color. Unlike original Twister game, you can use any finger you want.

The game ends when you lift your finger, or touch the wrong colored circle, or if you don’t release disabled circle.

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2. Finger Twist. Tap on speed. 

In speed mode, you need to tap on a colored circles as fast as possible, one by one. The speed of occurrence of each circle depends on the selected level of difficulty. There are 5 levels of difficulty in this mode.


The game ends if you pressed on the black or disabled circle, or if there's no room on the playing field.


Finger Twist will help you to enjoy your favorite game in any place!

While playing finger Twister, you develop fine motor skills, reaction and attentiveness.


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