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Trash Tower


What can we build a tower from? In a scrapheap it can be constructed from all that comes handy.

Trash Tower - is a fun arcade game in which you have to build towers from garbage.


  • The gameplay includes laws of physics and damages of tower parts, which makes the game realistic.
  • You have to work around various obstacles.
  • You can buy new blocks in the game store and the unique device “cranecopter” that will help you more accurately put the tower elements throughout the game.
  • If your tower is quite difficult – there is not necessary to worry about its stability! Just freeze it with a special tool “freeze” tower defense from any influences.
  • And do not forget to share with your friends your towers, let them try to build better.

Start playing Trash Tower right now and show off your skills and creativity.


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Trash Tower” is available on Google Play! 

Trash Tower” - is a fun arcade game in which you have to build towers from all that you can find in a scrapheap, overcoming various obstacles. Use special tools and more blocks to build the highest tower!

You can watch the game trailer and find more information on the Trash Tower”  page.